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John Beach and his team of professional videographers use 4K Ultra HD cameras to record depositions allowing attorneys to provide a complete picture of testimony and giving life to static words. Body language and the manner in which the testimony was made is as much if not more important than the words that end up in the official transcript. Court reporters are masters at their craft, but they don’t transcribe non-verbal communication so a transcript does not show sweat, nervousness, embarrassment or frustration.    During Zoom depositions John and his team uses TrialPad to expertly present and electronically mark exhibits for the attorneys.


John also provides video/text synchronization which will allow your litigation team to craft the perfect presentation, showing video testimony side-by-side the official transcript and allowing you to easily highlight key testimony and edit out objections in just a few clicks. 


On the weekends you can find him and his Corvette at the race track where he pursues his passion for building and racing high performance race cars.



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